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SunSirs: Cryolite Price Market Kept Running Steadily (September 6-12)

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  Price trend

  According to data from SunSirs’bulk list, the price of cryolite in Henan was stable this week. The average market price in Henan on September 12 was 6,475 RMB/ton, which was the same as last weekend's quotation, which was an increase of 1.17% from August 1.

  Analysis review

  Domestic cryolite market is temporarily stable. The upstream raw materials are tight, the prices of cryolite are high and firm, in addition, the production capacity of individual companies is low, the cryolite market remains stable and wait-and-see. As of the 12th, the ex-factory price of cryolite in Shandong was 6,300-6,500 RMB/ton, and the ex-factory price of cryolite in Henan was 6,300-6,600 RMB/ton, the price range was the same as last week. Domestic cryolite enterprises are operating normally, and the company’s inventory is acceptable. One order one negotiation, the shipment is stable, the market supply is tight, the company's cryolite price is high, and the actual transaction price is low.

  In terms of electrolytic aluminum, the market continued to rise this week, with the weekend price of 22,650.00 RMB/ton, compared with last weekend’s price of 21,343.33 RMB/ton, an overall increase of 6.12%. The power curtailment situation has improved, production has increased, domestic demand has come out of the off-season, both supply and demand are favorable. Aluminum prices continue to rise. The current market price is relatively high, and the aluminum market trend may continue to fluctuate at a high level in the later period.

  Market outlook

  The domestic cryolite market is temporarily stable and wait-and-see, the upstream raw materials are tight, the company's quotation is high. The downstream demand is stable, one order one negotiation and the market is fair. At present, manufacturers have a wait-and-see attitude and shipments are stable. It is expected that the cryolite market will continue to run steadily in the later period, with specific attention to downstream demand.

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