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SunSirs: Weak Feed Demand, Domestic DDGS Weakly Consolidated before the Holiday

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  Beginning on August 18, DDGS has entered a downward period one after another. Entering September, the domestic DDGS market has weakened and prices have fallen steadily. At the beginning of the month, the average market price of domestic DDGS was RMB 2556/ton. On the 14th, the average market price of domestic DDGS was RMB 2506/ton, and the price dropped by 1.96%.

  Poor demand for terminal feed, domestic DDGS market is weak and stable

  Starting from September, the domestic DDGS market is generally weak and down. The demand for terminal aquafeeds has decreased, and the enthusiasm for purchasing DDGS by feed factories has declined. Alcohol factories have successively lowered the ex-factory prices of domestic DDGS. The prices have continued to fall for half a month, with a drop of nearly 2%.

  On September 14, the mainstream domestic DDGS quotation in Shandong was 2500 yuan/ton relatively stable; the domestic DDGS quotation in Jilin region was 2470 yuan/ton, which was stable; the domestic DDGS quotation in Henan region was 2550 yuan, which was stable.

  Due to the poor domestic DDGS market, some alcohol plants are still shutting down for maintenance, which limits the room for domestic DDGS to fall to a certain extent. Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the domestic DDGS market is unlikely to fluctuate sharply and has been consolidating.

  With poor feed demand, domestic DDGS is expected to continue to consolidate in the future.

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