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SunSirs: Demand Was Optimistic, the Price of Seamless Tube Rose Slightly

Increase font size  Decrease font size Date:2021-09-16   Views:61

  Price trend

  According to the statistics of SunSirs, on September 13, the price of seamless tube rose slightly. The price of seamless tube of 20#, 108*4.5 was 6,352 RMB/ton, which was an increase of 0.20% from the previous trading day, an increase of 24.01% from the beginning of the year, and an increase of 44.29% year-on-year.

  Analysis review

  On the 13th, some manufacturers raised the prices of billets and seamless tubes. Among them, the ex-factory prices of Shandong Dongpanjin and Yunnan Phoenix Steel's seamless tube were raised by 50 RMB/ton, and the ex-factory price of Xintian steel’s billet was raised by 10 RMB/ton.

  Market outlook

  In the traditional peak season, demand is optimistic, downstream procurement enthusiasm has increased, and the progress of various terminal construction projects has accelerated, and traders’shipments have accelerated accordingly. Under the dual support of upstream and downstream demand and price hikes, the price of seamless tube will remain the strong trend in the short term.

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