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SunSirs: Tight Supply, China EVA Price Rose sharply in August

Increase font size  Decrease font size Date:2021-09-03   Views:47

  According to the monitoring data of SunSirs, the average ex-factory price of domestic EVA was 17,833.33 yuan / ton on August 1 and 19,600.00 yuan / ton on August 31. The increase rate in August was 9.91%, an increase of 8.29% compared with July 1. The overall increase in August was obvious, and the price was firm and upward during the month.

  EVA market rose sharply in August, with an increase of nearly 10% in the month. Near the end of the month, the favorable EVA market continued, the upstream petrochemical enterprises continued to chase up, the increase was obvious, the cost support was strong, the downstream businesses maintained just in need of procurement, and the overall transaction atmosphere of the market was acceptable.

  At present, the tight supply situation in the EVA market has not been improved. The ex-factory price of petrochemical still rises individually, which supports the continued rise of EVA price. However, near the end of the month, the market transaction atmosphere is weaker than that in the early stage. The downstream has limited ability to accept high prices and is cautious. It is expected that China EVA market will fluctuate upward in September.

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