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Itochu, Air Liquide eye world's largest scale hydrogen plant in Chubu, Japan

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  Japan's Itochu said Feb. 26 it was considering building the world's largest scale liquefied hydrogen plant in Chubu in the central Japan including at the earliest possible date with Air Liquide Japan and Itochu Enex under a strategic collaboration to develop hydrogen supply chain.

  The move follows signing of a memorandum of understanding between Itochu, Air Liquide Japan and Itochu Enex to develop an upstream-to-downstream hydrogen supply chain, with an eye on hydrogen imports into Japan.

  As part of the MoU, the companies are first looking to build a 30 mt/day liquefied hydrogen plant in the country's industrial hub of the Chubu region and take a decision regarding the plant at an earliest possible date, an Itochu spokeswoman said.

  The companies will jointly explore a competitive hydrogen production, supply system as well as expanding their hydrogen station business in Japan, as well as establishing a hydrogen supply chain with an eye on importing into Japan.

  LNG can be among options to be used for producing blue hydrogen as part of the companies' consideration for the Chubu plant, the spokeswoman said.

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