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TGE and PGNiG embark on cooperation with a view to developing a biomethane market in Poland

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  On January 12, Polish Power Exchange (TGE) and PGNiG signed a cooperation agreement on creating and development a biomethane market in Poland.

  The expertise of both PGNiG, as a key player on the gas market, and of TGE as a trading platform where the trading in gas and certificates promoting the use of RES are concentrated, should contribute to the transformation of the energy market leading not only to increased significance of green technologies but also the emerging market for alternative fuels, such as biomethane or hydrogen.

  ‘For over 20 years, TGE has been supporting all transformation processes on the energy market and actively contributing to its development by offering its participants comprehensive solutions and products. The cooperation with PGNiG in creating a biomethane market is an opportunity for the Exchange to further develop the RES segment. Certainly, our registers have a key role to play in this project,’said Piotr Zawistowski, CEO of TGE.

  ‘Now we are about to a new chapter of cooperation, which will allow us to create modern market solutions in the field of biomethane trading. This green fuel offers considerable potential which will give us the opportunity for playing an active part in the future energy transformation of the Polish economy, while at the same time pursuing our business objectives and ensuring Poland’s energy security,’said Pawe? Majewski, CEO of PGNiG.

  In the 1st stage of the cooperation, the partners plan to leverage the experience of the Exchange which currently maintains the Certificate of Origin Register as an element of a potential support scheme for biomethane based on certificates, as well as the Guarantees of Origin Scheme as a potential instrument for achieving the National Indicative Target (NCW).

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