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Saudi Arabia makes four oil and gas discoveries

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  Saudi Arabia's Energy Ministry on Sunday announced the discovery of four new oil and gas fields, state news agency SPA reported.

  State oil producer Aramco discovered oil in the Al-Ajramiyah well, northwest of the city of Rafhaa, with tests showing a rate of 3,850 barrels per day (bpd).

  Non-conventional oil was found in the al-Reesh oilfield, northwest of the city of Dhahran.

  Al-Reesh well no. 2's daily flow stands at 4,452 bpd of Arab Extra Light crude oil and 3.2 million standard cubic feet of natural gas; well no. 4 is producing 3,654 bpd and 1.6 million standard cubic feet of gas.

  Al-Reesh well no. 3's initial production stands at 2,745 bpd with 3 million standard cubic feet of gas per day.

  Non-conventional gas was also discovered in the Al-Sarrah reservoir at the Al-Minahhaz well, southwest of the Ghawar oilfield, the world's largest conventional oilfield.

  Daily flows there stand at 18 million standard cubic feet per day, with 98 barrels of condensate.

  Non-conventional gas was also found at the Al-Sahbaa well at 32 million standard cubic feet per day.

  "The energy minister said Aramco continues to work on determining the area and size of the discovered fields and estimating the quantities of oil, gas and condensate in them," SPA said.

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