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SunSirs: China Petroleum Coke Prices Rose slightly Last Week (December 21-25)

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  According to the data from SunSirs, the price of petroleum coke products from domestic refineries rose slightly. The average price of petroleum coke in Shandong market was 1,496.50 RMB/ ton at the beginning of last week, and 1,505.75 RMB/ ton at the end of last week, with a price increase of 0.62% and a year-on-year increase of 42.29%. On December 25, the petroleum coke commodity index was 117.11, up 0.35 points from the previous day, down 24.73% from 155.59 points (2018-01-25), the highest point in the cycle, and up 75.08% from 66.89 points, the lowest point on March 28, 2016. (Note: period refers to from September 30, 2012 to now)

  The price of petroleum coke was basically stable, and the price of some refineries rose. The price of low sulfur coke remained stable at a high level and the demand was stable. Due to the influence of heating season, the demand of downstream carbon enterprises is general, and the receiving intention of downstream is general.

  Upstream: in the process of continuous improvement of international crude oil market, it was reported that mutated virus had been found in the UK, and most cities in the UK had implemented strict City closure measures. A number of countries suspended air traffic with the UK, and the demand for crude oil significantly restrained. Last week, international crude oil prices had a correction. Last week, WTI crude oil prices fell 2.05% and Brent crude oil prices fell 1.76%.

  Downstream: affected by heating and environmental factors, the carbon market is weak and stable; the price of downstream electrolytic aluminum fluctuates at a high level; the cost of silicon metal market supports the price decline.

  Industry: according to the price monitoring of SunSirs, in the list of commodity prices in the 51st week of 2020 (12.21-12.25), there were 7 kinds of commodities in the energy sector that increased month on month, with methanol (2.84%), coke (2.36%) and dimethyl ether (1.70%) in the top 3. There were 8 kinds of commodities that declined month on month, with WTI crude oil (-2.05%), liquefied gas (-1.87%) and Brent crude oil (-1.76%) as the top three products. The average rise and fall last week was 0.02%.

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