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Baker Hughes: US rig count up 12 units to 312

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  The US drilling rig count increased 12 units to reach 312 rigs working for the week ended Nov. 13, according to Baker Hughes data. The count is down 494 units from the 806 rigs working this time a year ago.

  The number of rigs drilling on land was up 11 week-over-week with a total of 297 units. The number of rigs drilling in inland waters remained unchanged at 2. The number of rigs drilling offshore increased by a single unit to 13.

  US oil-directed rigs increased by 10 from last week to reach 236 units. This time a year ago, 674 units were drilling for oil. Rigs targeting gas increased by 2 units to reach 73 rigs, 56 fewer than were drilling for gas at this time a year ago.

  Of the major oil and gas-producing states, Texas again saw the largest increase. A second-straight 6-rig increase put the state’s total number of rigs working at 145 for the week. For the second week in a row, New Mexico’s rig count increased by 3 units, giving the state 53 rigs working for the week.

  Pennsylvania gained 2 rigs for the week to reach 20. Louisiana and Oklahoma each gained a single unit to hit 38 and 14 rigs running, respectively.

  Seven states remained unchanged this week, North Dakota, 11; West Virginia, 7; California, 4; Colorado, 4; Alaska, 3; Utah, 3; and Wyoming, 3.

  Ohio dropped a single rig to end the week with 4 units.

  Canada’s rig count increased by 3 units for the week. At 89 rigs, the count is 45 fewer than the 134 units drilling this week a year ago. At 39 units, Canada’s oil-directed rig count is up 2 for the week. The gas-directed rig count in Canada is up 1 unit to 50.

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