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South Korea aims to commercialize hydrogen import/export business over 2028-2030

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  South Korea aims to commercialize its hydrogen import and export business over 2028-2030, including building an overseas production base and a domestic terminal, Nak-Hyun Kwon, director of the business coordination department at H2KOREA, said Nov. 17.

  Speaking at The Australian Hydrogen Conference held online, Kwon said a feasibility study on the commercialization plan will be conducted over 2020-2021, looking at carbon dioxide-free hydrogen imports after considering technological, economic and environmental factors of several countries.

  The countries include Australia, Canada, Indonesia, the EU and the UAE, among others, said the director of H2KOREA, a private government body launched in 2017 to build its hydrogen economy.

  After the feasibility study is concluded, a second phase called the joint demonstration stage will take place over 2022-2027, where private companies will take the lead to develop the technology needed for commercialization, which include sourcing for hydrogen, storage, transportation and infrastructure such as pipelines and trailers.

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