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French Groupe PSA to move to new EV modular platform by 2025

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French automaker Groupe PSA is planning to move to a new electric vehicle modular platform (eVMP) by 2025 to support e-mobility development.

The maker of the Citroen and Peugeot brands said July 29 that it would be gradually moving from two multi-energy platforms to two fully electrified platforms, which would serve as the basis for a wide range of EVs for the C- and D-segments in different regions of the world starting in 2023.
PSA research and development director Nicolas Morel said the eVMP platform included advanced and affordable technologies, which were thanks to the company's frugality that had enabled it to significantly reduce research and development and industrial investments.

According to PSA, the eVMP will concentrate all of the group's engineering knowledge with 60-100 kWh of embedded energy and an optimized architecture that used the entire sub-floor for the battery.

"By restoring 50 kWh per meter within the wheelbase, it is benchmark in the EV market and will therefore be able to offer an all-electric range from 400 to 650 km [248-403 miles] (worldwide light vehicle test procedure cycle) depending on the body," it said.

The group said that hybrid derivatives might be offered in certain markets globally on the basis of the platform to provide a high-performance solution adapted to specific mobility needs.

It added that the eVMP would also optimize R&D as well as industrialization costs efficiently by using certain sub-assemblies and existing high-performance battery modules.

The company said it was also limiting investments by studying the industrial process to obtain maximum synergies with the existing means in its plants.

"In the same logic of making in-house electrical components, this platform complements parts developed and manufactured with Groupe PSA or with its e-motors or ACC Joint venture," it added.
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