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Mexico remains top destination of US orthoxylene in June: USITC

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Orthoxylene exports from the US totaled 4,620 mt in June, with Mexico importing the lion's share, according to the latest available US International Trade Commission data.

The June exports were down by 6,339 mt, or 58%, on the month, but up by 1,975 mt, or 75%, year on year.
Latin America took 4,615 mt, or nearly 100%, of the total US June OX exports, the data showed Thursday. Mexico took 4,613 mt, remaining the top destination for shipments. US OX exports to Mexico, however, decreased 478 mt, or 9%, month on month and fell 98 mt, or 2%, year on year.

The US' June OX imports totaled 2,517 mt, up 380 mt, or 18%, on the month, with Canada as the only supplier. The June imports, however, were down by 1,192 mt, or 32%, on the year, the data showed.

Derivative US phthalic anhydride imports totaled 3,536 mt in June, up 506 mt, or 17%, from May, the data showed. Italy, Mexico, Israel, Russia, South Korea and Brazil were the top PA exporters to the US in June.

Italy led the list, accounting for 26% of the total at 917 mt. Italian exports to the US were down 11%, or 109 mt, on the month, the data showed.

Italy was followed by Mexico, supplying 24% of the total at 863 mt, down 34 mt, or 4%, from May, the data showed.

Israel-origin PA stood at 841 mt, or 24% of the total, up 385 mt, or 84%, month on month. Russia-origin PA to the US was at 490 mt, or 14% of the total, up 127 mt, or 35%, month on month, the data showed.

South Korean exports to the US stood at 335 mt, or 9% of the total, up 188 mt, or 128% from May, the data showed. Brazil-origin PA was at 89 mt, or 3% of the total, down 51 mt, or 37%, month on month.
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