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Entergy Louisiana sees power outages decline as Barry moves north

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Entergy Louisiana said Sunday afternoon that its customer power outages totaled approximately 46,000, compared with 57,000 outages at noon and 64,000 outages at 8:30 am CDT.

Barry, which has been downgraded to a tropical depression, is moving now toward the northern part of the state and is expected to move into Arkansas.
The utility said in a noon release that restorations of power in the Bayou Region, which includes Assumption, Lafourche, St. Mary, and Terrebonne parishes, faced "several challenges," including inaccessible roadways due to water and high winds that prevented work that needed to be done using bucket trucks.

Factbox: Key infrastructure in US set to reopen as Barry weakens

It said, however, that crews have had access to some areas that had been previously inaccessible due to flooding, including the Grand Isle and Port Fourchon areas.

"Workers will clear debris and begin damage assessments and restoration where it is safe to do so," it said. "Additionally, drones will be flown to assess damages where wind speeds allow."

Entergy Louisiana said it has restored a total of 188,000 customer outages caused by Barry. The utility has a customer base of 1.08 million in the state.

An Entergy Louisiana spokesman, Neal Kirby, said at 4:30 pm CDT that outage numbers can fluctuate as the storm moves to new areas.

In New Orleans, the rock band the Rolling Stones postponed a planned Sunday evening concert at the Superdome due to the weather. The concert is now scheduled to take place Monday evening at the same venue.
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