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Serbia's HIP PetroHemija restarting Pancevo cracker: source

Increase font size  Decrease font size Date:2019-05-16   Views:62
Serbian petrochemical producer HIP PetroHemija is restarting its Pancevo steam cracker and associated downstream units on May 13, a company source said.

The steam cracker turnaround started March 20 and the plant was originally expected to come back online April 25.
The outages at the low-density polyethylene plant in Pancevo and the company's synthetic rubber plant in Elemir started on March 8 and April 15, respectively.

"We also had to postpone [the restart] for Elemir site due to missing quantities of C4 that which were planned to be produced," the source said.

Butadiene, olefin with four carbon atoms, is used for the production of SBR.

The company said previously it would also expand its HDPE capacity in the summer.

Within its integrated petrochemical site in Pancevo, about 10 km (6 miles) outside Belgrade, HIP PetroHemija can produce around 600,000 mt a year of petrochemicals, including 200,000 mt/year of ethylene, 85,000 mt/year of propylene, and 45,000 mt/year of C4 fraction.

The Elemir plant's SBR capacity is 40,000 mt/year.
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