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SunSirs: Strong Supplier Support, China PA66 Market is Increased

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  Recently, the domestic PA66 market has shown a strong trend. According to data monitoring from SunSirs, the mixed benchmark price of PA66 in China was 19,933.33 RMB/ton on September 25th, with a price increase or decrease of +8.14% compared to the beginning of the month.

  Recently, the PA66 market has been relatively strong, and overall, some brands' spot prices have increased. In terms of supply, the overall load of the domestic PA66 industry remained above 65% last week, with a narrow increase compared to the previous period. The production line of the enterprise is in a stable and dynamic situation, and the supply of goods on the site has been digested in the early stage. Currently, there is no pressure on inventory, and the support from suppliers is relatively strong. Terminal enterprises still rely on maintaining production as their main source of goods, with weak demand for on-site stock preparation, and moderate support for spot goods on the demand side. On the upstream side, the domestic supply of hexamethylene diamine has maintained a tight pattern and the market is operating on a strong side. In terms of adipic acid market, there was a slight decline last week, with the trend of raw material pure benzene following the decline of crude oil. The promotion of PA66 spot prices on the cost side remains at the previous level. At present, the main positive guidance in the market is focused on supply side pricing, and the overall price of PA66 is stable and rising.

  Last week, the spot price of PA66 was relatively strong. The rise and fall of raw material prices have maintained early support for the cost side of PA66. The load of PA66 enterprise is almost horizontal, the inventory position is low, and the supply support is significant. The demand side still focuses on maintaining production, and the acceptance will be affected to some extent after price increases. It is expected that PA66 will continue to operate strongly in the short term.

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