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SunSirs: The Supply Side has Insufficient Profits, China PC Market Rose narrowly

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  According to the bulk list data of SunSirs, the domestic PC market rose slightly in the first ten days of January, and the spot prices of various brands rose and fell. As of January 9, the reference offer of the sample PC enterprises of the Business Club was about 17,400 RMB/ton, up and down by +0.29% from the beginning of the month.

  In terms of raw materials: bisphenol A weak was in finishing operation in early January. At present, the price of bisphenol A has gradually approached the cost line after a sharp decline in the early stage. The continuous downturn of phenol is difficult to support bisphenol A. The downstream demand side continued to decline, the negotiation atmosphere was empty, and the spot price fell. It is expected that the market will be mainly sorted and operated in a narrow range under the support of cost in the short term.

  In terms of supply: the load of domestic PC enterprises has risen in a narrow range recently, with the overall operating rate close to 60%. At the beginning of the year, the industry's processing profit rose, the average monthly operating rate showed an upward trend, and the pressure on the supply side remained. The flow of goods in the field is general, and enterprises and merchants are cautious.

  Demand: In the first ten days of January, the starting position of PC terminal enterprises declined, and the production just needed to be maintained. The wait-and-see attitude of the operators is heavy, and the stock situation before the holiday is poor, and the actual orders are mainly scattered small orders.

  In the first ten days of January, the PC market rose in a narrow range, and the upstream bisphenol A was in a weak consolidation, operating at a low level, which did not support the PC cost. The load of domestic polymerization plants was boosted by profits, and the pressure on the supply side remained unchanged. On the whole, there is still a mismatch between supply and demand in the market, and the market trading is normal. It is expected that China PC market will turn weak again in the near future.

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