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SunSirs: The Market is Weak, China PA6 Market Fluctuates

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  In the first ten days of January, the domestic PA6 market fluctuated and the spot price rose and fell. According to the monitoring of the data of SunSirs, the average ex-factory price of domestic PA6 was 13,233.33 RMB/ton on January 9, with a decline of -0.75% from the price level at the beginning of the month.

  In terms of raw materials: it can be seen from the figure below that the market price of caprolactam has risen recently. The price of raw material pure benzene increased, and caprolactam cost support was good. The operation rate at the supply side has increased, and the downstream demand is stable. It is expected that caprolactam market will be strong in the short term.

  Supply: In the first ten days of January, the operating rate of domestic PA6 polymerization enterprises was adjusted in a narrow range, and the overall load level was maintained at about 65%. The monthly output is stable and the supply of goods is abundant.

  Demand: downstream, the textile industry has been under low load recently, and spinning enterprises have also entered the period of holiday and load reduction. The overall demand of terminal enterprises for PA6 chips has weakened, the spot competition in the market is strong, the stock preparation before the holiday has basically ended, and the fluctuation in the far upstream weakens the stock confidence. The high price offer is generally not smooth. Most buyers take the goods at a low price. They just need to maintain production, while the wait-and-see mentality is biased.

  In the first ten days of January, the market price of PA6 fluctuated in a narrow range. The load of domestic polymerization plants is running smoothly and the supply is maintained at an adequate level. On the demand side, it remained weak, and just needed insufficient support. The cost of PA6 was supported by the rise of caprolactam. The wait-and-see sentiment in the market is strong, and the price of real orders is generally low. It is expected that China PA6 market will continue to consolidate in a narrow range in the short term.

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