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SunSirs: White Cardboard and White Board was Short -term Stable in December 2022

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  According to data monitoring of SunSirs, in December 2022, the price of white cardboard was down, and the price of white board was stable. As of December 31, the average price of the domestic 230G-400G market in China was 5,346.67 RMB/ton, a decrease of 2.43%compared with the average market price of 5,480 RMB/ton on December 1. On December 31, the average domestic price of the domestic 250G market was 4,632.33 RMB/ton, which remained stable compared with the average market price of 4,632.33 RMB/ton on December 1.

  From the perspective of the changes in the market, the price of white cardboard in early December is mainly stable, and the price continues to consolidate the bottom. Due to the inversion of pulp prices and paper prices, the profit margin of the paper factory has declined. The short -term shock of white cardboard prices is mainly due to the capacity of some large paper factories ash in whiteboards. Traders are temporarily observing, and the multi -prices have been shipped.

  In late November, the price of white cardboard still declined. Although the purchase of drugs and epidemic prevention products has increased, the demand for white cardboard has changed, but the price of white cards is still relatively weak. In addition, channel inventory needs to be digested, which affects the reasons for market trends. Terminal orders are limited, and the transportation atmosphere in some areas is weak. Part of the inventory of traders is at a high level, the channel competition has been fierce, and the negotiation of shipments has increased the situation, resulting in a lower price.

  Judging from the changes in the market, the price of white board in December has shown a stable trend, the price of paper rises is weak, and the market supply and demand and transaction are the same. Affected by the transfer of individual production lines of large -scale paper mills, the output of mid -to -high -end paper has declined, and the rising intention of large -scale paper factories is still strong. In addition, the price has been declining; some paper factories have begun to lose money. The downstream has certain expectations for price increases.

  SunSirs analysts believe that current raw materials have limited cost fluctuations, and large -scale enterprises are temporarily based on steady disks, which play a certain supporting role in market prices. In addition, the Spring Festival holidays are approaching, and the stop writing letter of paper mills is constantly frequent. Traders are mostly stable shipments, and the price changes are relatively small. It is expected that short -term white cardboard and white board prices are mainly running smoothly in China.

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