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SunSirs: Waste Paper and Corrugated Paper have Stopped Rising and Fallen in China, Resulting in Shor

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  According to the monitoring of the Commodity Market Analysis System of SunSirs, the prices of waste paper in Zhejiang Province have stabilized first and then decreased in November. On November 10th, the average purchase price of A-grade waste yellow cardboard in Zhejiang Province was 1,576 RMB/ton, a decrease of 1.87% compared to the average price of 1,606 RMB/ton on November 1st. The price of corrugated paper has also shown a steady downward trend. On November 10th, the average ex factory price of 140g corrugated base paper was 2,844 RMB/ton, a decrease of 0.91% compared to the average price of 2870 RMB/ton on November 1st.

  By observing market changes, it can be seen that since November, the prices of waste paper in Zhejiang region have shown a trend of first stabilizing and then decreasing, and the domestic waste paper market prices have also shown a downward trend. Among them, there are many production bases under Jiulong Paper, Shanying International, Liwen Paper, and enterprises of various regional scales. On the supply side, with the recent increase in holiday waste paper, the arrival volume of waste paper at the packaging station has increased, so the packaging station is actively shipping. However, on the demand side, due to the lack of follow-up on new orders from paper mills and the relatively high inventory of waste paper, demand for waste paper has decreased and prices have fluctuated downward.

  The prices of corrugated base paper have been stable and declining recently. Due to the increasing supply-demand contradiction in the current corrugated paper market, the market wait-and-see atmosphere has intensified, and the lack of follow-up on new orders from paper mills, corrugated paper prices have shown downward pressure. On the supply side, the market is affected by the weak production and sales situation, and inventory pressure is putting pressure on upstream paper mills. Coupled with the weak decline in the prices of main raw materials and waste paper, there is currently no positive support for paper prices in terms of cost. On the demand side, there was insufficient release of terminal orders, coupled with no significant improvement in orders during the e-commerce festival, resulting in weak orders from downstream packaging factories and poor performance on the demand side.

  According to paper analysts from SunSirs, the supply of waste paper and corrugated paper markets is currently stable, with sufficient spot quantities. However, the demand in downstream and end markets is weak, which has a certain drag on the market. The oversupply pattern in the market may continue, and it is expected that the prices of waste paper and corrugated base paper will remain weak in the short term.

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