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SunSirs: The Market Situation of Chloroform Significantly Increased

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  In late August (8.21-8.31), the market for chloroform rose. According to data from SunSirs, as of August 31st, the price of bulk chloroform in Shandong Province was 2,245 RMB/ton, an increase of 12.25% from 2,000 RMB/ton on August 21st. The prices of raw materials methanol and liquid chlorine continued to rise, while the cost of chloroform continued to support; Individual devices had a short shutdown, and the supply of chloroform fluctuated slightly; Downstream demand was weak, the market transaction atmosphere was flat, and the price of chloroform was basically stable.

  Analysis review

  In late August (8.21-8.31), the domestic production of methane chloride was basically normal, with an overall operating rate of around 75%.

  In late August (8.21-8.31), the price of raw material methanol remained high, while the price of liquid chlorine continued to rise, and the cost center of chloroform increased. According to the Commodity Market Analysis System of SunSirs, as of August 31st, the spot price of methanol was 2,510 RMB/ton, an increase of 2.55% from 2,448 RMB/ton on August 21st. As of August 31st, the price of liquid chlorine in Shandong region was 500 yuan/ton, a significant increase from the 100 yuan/ton at the beginning of the month, and the cost was supported by chloroform.

  The operating level of refrigerant R22 was low and stable overall, providing rigid support for chloroform. However, in 2023, the total production quota of R22 was reduced by 19% to 181,800 tons, and the overall demand support for chloroform will weaken in the medium to long term.

  Market outlook

  According to methane chloride data analysts from SunSirs, it is expected that supported by cost and demand, the chloroform market will continue to operate at a high level in the short term.

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