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SunSirs: The Domestic Market Dynamics of Pure Benzene on May 24, 2023

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  Summary of Benzene prices on May 24th

  Sinopec Group North China region: Qilu Petrochemical quoted 6,800 RMB/ton, Shijiazhuang Refining and Chemical quoted 6,800 RMB/ton, and Tianjin Petrochemical quoted 6,800 RMB/ton;

  East China region: Yangzi Petrochemical quoted 6,800 RMB/ton;

  South China region: Hainan Refining and Chemical quoted 6,800 RMB/ton;

  Central China region: Wuhan ethylene offered a price of 6,800 RMB/ton;

  Others: Jingbo Petrochemical quoted 6,980 RMB/ton, HSBC Petrochemical quoted 6,800 RMB/ton, Weilian Chemical quoted 6,623 RMB/ton, Xinhai Petrochemical quoted 6,650 RMB/ton, and Hongrun Petrochemical quoted 6,800 RMB/ton.

  Fluctuation trend:

  Analysis review

  On the 24th, the price of pure benzene from Jingbo Petrochemical remained stable, and that of Weilian Chemical remained stable. The price of pure benzene from Xinhai Petrochemical remained stable.

  After the close of the trading on the 23rd, the overnight market warmed up to around 6,600 RMB/ton. It is expected that East China pure benzene would fluctuate at a low level in the morning, and pay attention to the main price guidance. On the 24th, the domestic price of pure benzene was between 6,623-6,980 RMB/ton.

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