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SunSirs: Cost Weakened and CPL Price Fell (May 15-19)

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  Price trend

  According to the commodity market analysis system of SunSirs, the average price of domestic liquid CPL market was 12,833 RMB/ton on May 15 and 12,800 RMB/ton on May 19. CPL prices fell 0.26% this week.

  Analysis review

  CPL market prices fell slightly this week. The price of raw material pure benzene had decreased, and cost support weakened. On the 19th, the supply and demand of CPL market was balanced, and the downstream demand was weak. Most of the purchases were made at low prices, and most of them were cautious. As of May 19, the delivery price of CPL liquid in East China of Shandong Hualu Hengsheng was 12,400 RMB/ton. The settlement price of Sinopec high-end CPL was 13,100 RMB/ton, which was high-quality liquid product and was self delvery.

  This week, the price of pure benzene decreased. On May 15th, the price of pure benzene was between 6,703-7,120 RMB/ton (average price 6,911 RMB/ton). On Friday (May 19th), the price of pure benzene was between 6,603-6,880 RMB/ton (average price 6,741/ton), a decrease of 5.18% compared to last week and a decrease of 25.73% compared to the same period last year. This week, the price of Sinopec pure benzene dropped to 6,800 RMB/ton, and prices in Shandong and Hebei regions also fell simultaneously.

  Market outlook

  CPL analysts from SunSirs believe that the price of raw material pure benzene was weakened recently, and the cost side support was general. The terminal demand was poor, and the market was relatively balanced between supply and demand. It is expected that CPL market price will be consolidated to be weaker in the short term.

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