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SunSirs: Diethylene Glycol Market has Fallen Sharply Recently

Increase font size  Decrease font size Date:2023-05-22   Views:22

  The latest price of diethylene glycol (May 17): 6516.67 RMB / ton, the market outlook is bearish

  Analysis points: The price on May 17 fell by 4.40% compared with the previous trading day. Analysis: Diethylene glycol market fell sharply today. In the East China market, the buying follow-up continued to be low, and the holders’offers followed the downward trend, and the price stopped falling and stabilized near the close; The wait-and-see atmosphere is still strong, and port inventories are expected to increase within a narrow range. The terminal demand is weak, and the downstream unsaturated resin market continues to weaken. At present, the overall unsaturated resin market start-up load is around 32%.

  Market outlook forecast: In the short term, the macro-commodity sentiment is average, the supply and demand drive is bearish, the mentality of the industry is under pressure, and the downstream is prudent to replenish goods at low prices. It is expected that the short-term domestic diethylene glycol market may fluctuate slightly, so pay attention to changes in the news.

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