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SunSirs: The Price of Styrene as Raw Material Fell, and the Price of SBR Fell Accordingly

Increase font size  Decrease font size Date:2023-03-22   Views:154

  On March 20th, the benchmark price of styrene butadiene rubber for SunSirs was 11591.67 RMB/ton, a decrease of -3.60% compared to the beginning of this month (12025.00 RMB/ton).

  Last week, the factory price of styrene butadiene rubber was reduced by 300 RMB/ton. According to the monitoring by SunSirs, as of March 20, the factory price of Qilu styrene butadiene 1502 of Sinopec North China Sales Company was 11200 RMB/ton. The price of raw material butadiene rose, the price of styrene fell, the cost support for styrene-butadiene rubber weakened, and downstream tire starts fluctuated slightly. There was a certain need for support for styrene-butadiene, but it was weaker compared to the previous period. In addition, the transaction of styrene-butadiene rubber was weaker due to the low price of natural rubber. As of the 20th, the mainstream market offer for styrene butadiene rubber 1502 was between 11300 and 11650 RMB/ton.

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