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SunSirs: The Price of Live Pigs Fluctuated Forward This Week (March 6-10)

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According to the monitoring of SunSirs, this week's domestic and international ternary live pig prices fluctuated, with an average price of 15.73 RMB/kg at the beginning of the week and 15.65 RMB/kg at the end of the week, down 0.51% during the week.

Analysis review

In March, the supporting role of reluctant selling and price supporting on domestic pig prices had gradually weakened. Due to the continued downturn in the demand of the terminal meat market, the intention of slaughtering enterprises to purchase at a lower price had not been reduced, and pigs continued to be sold into the market supply chain. The problem of strong market supply and weak demand had emerged again. This week, the overall price of domestic pig market fluctuated to be weaker.

This week, the domestic corn price was stable and weaker, with a slight drop of 0.36% in the week. The soybean meal price continued to be weak, with a drop of 0.98% in the week. In general, the cost of breeding and feeding continued to fall slightly. This week, the price of pigs fluctuated and fell again. The ratio of pig food to the whole dropped slightly to around 5.5:1, and the loss situation of the breeding industry increased.

Market outlook

The pig product analyst of SunSirs believes that in the short term, there is no substantial benefit to support the overall recovery of the terminal meat demand, and the market supply and demand game continues to intensify. In the short term, the pig price will be at the current level with small fluctuations.

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