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SunSirs: The Rare Earth Downstream Merchants Purchase Less and Demand is Poor

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Latest price of praseodymium and neodymium oxide (March 13): 592500 RMB/ton, bearish in the future

Key points of analysis: On March 13, the single-day price decline was 4.82%. In the near future, the demand of rare earth market is difficult to improve. The order situation of downstream magnetic material enterprises has remained low. Most of the magnetic material factories mainly consume the existing inventory. The demand for praseodymium and neodymium oxide continues to be cold, and the cost of raw materials is still hanging upside down. At present, the inventory of metal factories in the rare earth market is rising, and some metal factories have almost no deal. Downstream procurement is very cautious, and the prices of the holders continue to decline. In the near future, the downstream procurement is cold and the production enterprises are gradually returning to work, and the rare earth market price continues to decline.

Aftermarket forecast: In the short term, the rare earth market will not change due to the weak purchase and poor demand of downstream rare earth merchants, and the increase of upstream supply, sharp contradiction between supply and demand, and poor transaction.

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