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SunSirs: The Price of Lithium Carbonate Continued to Fall, and It Will Continue to Decline in the Sh

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  According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the price of industrial and battery grade lithium carbonate continued to decline after the New Year holiday. As of January 12, the average domestic mixed price of industrial grade lithium carbonate was 483,600 RMB/ton, down 4.05% from the average price of 504,000 RMB/ton on January 1. The average domestic mixed price of battery grade lithium carbonate on January 12 was 505,600 RMB/ton, down 3.7% from the average price of 525,000 RMB/ton on January 1.

  Analysis review

  From the observation of market changes, lithium carbonate prices continued to decline after the New Year's Day. Due to the poor market demand recently, the lithium salt factory continued to reduce the psychological expectation of the transaction price, and there was a very small number of retail transactions. Traders had sufficient supply of goods, and most of them were in the state of low price shipment.

  In terms of demand, orders in the downstream market had been seriously reduced, and lithium salt reserves were sufficient. With the approaching of the Spring Festival holiday, downstream enterprises had been preparing for the holiday or had been on holiday, and there was no purchase demand for the time being. The price expected by the market kept falling, and the wait-and-see mood was heavy. Most of them did not plan to purchase even if the price was reduced.

  The downstream lithium hydroxide market fell, the upstream lithium carbonate was weak, the support for the lithium hydroxide market was weakened, the domestic downstream purchase intention was not high, the deal was just needed, and the foreign demand was weakened, the market mentality was insufficient, and the focus of the lithium hydroxide market negotiation was down.

  Downstream lithium iron phosphate was in a weak position. Downstream mainly purchased on demand. The logistics was slow, and the weak operation was maintained in a short time. The manufacturer's supplied only supply old customers, and new customers did not receive orders.

  Market outlook

  The lithium carbonate analyst of SunSirs believes that the upstream and downstream markets are in a weak decline as a whole as the Spring Festival holiday approaches. The market sentiment and expectations are weakening before the year, and it is expected that the price of lithium carbonate will remain weak and downward in the short term.

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