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SunSirs: The Market of PA66 is Running Sideways in China

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  At the beginning of January, the domestic PA66 market was flat. According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the average ex-factory price of domestic PA66 was 21,750 RMB/ton on January 6, which was the same as the price level at the beginning of the month.

  At the beginning of this month, the market of PA66 was stable, and the spot price was sideways. In terms of supply, the total domestic load of PA66 industry is about 65%, which is also stable. Enterprise operation follows the trend of destocking in the early stage, and the inventory pressure is moderate, while the supply is relatively abundant. In the upstream, hexanediamine runs smoothly. Adiponitrile rose at the beginning of the month due to the boost of the cost side. In addition to the low load operation in the early stage, the cost support for PA66 in the near future is acceptable. The situation in demand is weak and difficult to change. Terminal enterprises just need to follow up with the maintenance of goods. Enterprises have entered the holiday season in succession, and the impact of the pre-holiday stock tide has been diluted. Buyers generally have strong resistance to high-priced goods, and are also relatively cautious about price reduction. The smoothness of merchants' delivery is average.

  At the beginning of January, the spot price of PA66 stabilized. The market at the raw material end rose, and the support for PA66 at the cost end gradually improved. The load of PA66 enterprises is stable, the ex-factory price is flat, and the overall inventory position is low. The demand side just needs to follow up the goods slowly, and it is expected that PA66 will continue to consolidate horizontally in China in the short term.

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