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SunSirs: In November, Phosphate Rock Was Mainly Sorted Out (November 1-24)

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  According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, as of November 24, the reference average price of 30% grade phosphate rock in China was around 1,056 RMB/ton. Compared with November 1 (the reference price of phosphate rock was 1,054 RMB/ton), the price increased by 2 RMB/ton, or 0.16%.

  Analysis review

  It can be seen from the data monitoring chart of SunSirs that since November (11.1-11.24), the domestic phosphate rock market was operating steadily as a whole, the supply of medium and high-end grade phosphate rocks in the site was tight, the mining enterprises in some regions had stopped working, the large mining enterprises were still mainly for their own use, the export rocks were few, the spot circulation of phosphate rocks in the site was small, and the supply side continued to provide market support.

  In the middle of November, sporadic mining enterprises in Sichuan Province raised the price of phosphate rock slightly by about 10-20 RMB/ton, and most phosphate rock markets in other regions continued to operate stably. As of November 24, the market price of 30% grade phosphate rock in China was around 1,030-1,080 RMB/ton. The price was also related to the raw rock specification and the powder to lump ratio, and the details needed to be negotiated.

  Market outlook

  At present, the phosphate fertilizer market at the downstream terminal of phosphate rock has warmed up compared with the previous period, which will provide a certain psychological support for phosphate rock from the bottom to the bottom. In addition, the supply side will continue to support. According to the phosphate rock data engineer of SunSirs, in the short term, the domestic phosphate rock market will continue to operate at a high level.

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