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SunSirs: Domestic Isobutyraldehyde Fell 4.88% This Week (November 5-11)

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  As can be seen from the figure above, the domestic isobutyraldehyde market price fell slightly this week. This week, the average mainstream market price of domestic isobutyraldehyde fell from 6,833.33 RMB/ton at last weekend to 6,500.00 RMB/ton at this weekend, a decrease of 4.88%.

  On November 13, the isobutyraldehyde commodity index was 32.99, unchanged from the previous day, 68.75% lower than the cycle's highest point of 105.58 points (2021-09-16), and 9.53% higher than the lowest point of 30.12 points on October 7, 2022. (Note: Period refers to 2021-09-01 to now)

  Analysis review

  The quotation of mainstream isobutyraldehyde manufacturers fell slightly this week: Lihuayi isobutyraldehyde's ex factory quotation this weekend was 6,300 RMB/ton, down 300 RMB/ton compared with last weekend; Hualu Hengsheng's ex factory quotation of isobutyraldehyde this weekend was 6,700 RMB/ton, down 300 RMB/ton compared with last weekend; The isobutyraldehyde produced by Luxi Chemical, distributed by Shandong Zhenkun, was quoted at 6,500 RMB/ton this weekend, a drop of 400 RMB/ton compared with last weekend.

  From the upstream and downstream industrial chain, the propylene market of isobutyraldehyde upstream raw material market rose slightly this week, with the price rising from 7,000.60 RMB/ton at last weekend to 7,330.60 RMB/ton at this weekend, up 4.71%. The upstream raw material market price rose slightly, and the cost support increased. Affected by the supply and demand, it had a positive impact on the isobutyraldehyde price. From the perspective of the downstream industry chain, the market price of neopentyl glycol was adjusted at a low level, with the price of 9,666.67 RMB/ton. The market of neopentyl glycol was consolidated at a low level, and the downstream demand was general, which had a negative impact on isobutyraldehyde.

  Market outlook

  The market trend of isobutyraldehyde in the middle and late November may fall slightly. The upstream propylene market rose slightly, with good cost support. However, the market of neopentyl glycol in the downstream market was consolidated at a low level, and the enthusiasm for downstream procurement was general. The isobutyraldehyde analysts from SunSirs believe that in the short term, the isobutyraldehyde market may be subject to slight shock and decline under the influence of supply and demand, raw materials and other aspects of the isobutyraldehyde market.

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