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SunSirs: Minxian Market: Angelica Small Strips, Small and Medium Strips are More Motivated to Purcha

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  Today, there are about 70-80 tons of angelica for sale; washed (yellow) goods and finished products have 38 vehicles for sale. The volume of goods shipped has increased, and the flow of people in the market has rebounded. Mainly local operators and processing households want to buy goods. They are more motivated to purchase small and medium angelica strips; large and medium strips are generally available. The overall purchase and sales were stable, and the transaction price was basically stable.

  Today's transactions accounted for about 30% of the total volume. The transaction price of angelica pharmaceutical factory is 48-51 RMB/kg; the transaction price of angelica small strips is 52-53 RMB/kg; the transaction price of angelica medium strips is 54-56 RMB/kg; the transaction price of angelica large strips (good bars) is 57-60 RMB/kg.

  Today, there are 22 vehicles of Angelica decoction pieces for sale, and there are fewer sources of good quality. The market has a large flow of people, mainly inquiring and watching the market. Today, there are not many supply sources, and transactions are slowing down.

  Today, there are about 52 vehicles of fresh angelica for sale. The flow of people in the market has rebounded, and the number of onlookers negotiating prices has increased slightly, mainly from local operators. The overall sales were slow, and the transaction price was slightly weak. The price ranges from 3.6-4.3 RMB/kg, depending on the quality and size of the goods.

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