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SunSirs: The Market Price of Chloroform Rose Sharply (September 13-20)

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  According to the data of SunSirs, the chloroform market was on the rise this week (9.13-9.20). As of September 20, the price of chloroform bulk water in Shandong was 3,450 RMB/ton, up 9.96% from 3,137 RMB/ton last Tuesday.

  Analysis review

  Since September, the price of raw material methanol rose sharply, and the cost had strong support for chloroform. In addition, the start of methane chloride dropped slightly, and the pressure on the supply side was not large. The chloroform manufacturers had a strong willingness to support prices.

  This week (9.13-9.20) the start of domestic methane chloride construction declined slightly as a whole, which supported the chloroform market.

  This week (9.13-9.20) the spot price of methanol decreased slightly, but the price of methanol has risen sharply since September, which continued to support chloroform. According to the understanding of SunSirs, as of September 20, the spot price of methanol was 2,710 RMB/ton, down 0.60% from 2,726 RMB/ton on last Tuesday, and up 7.20% from 2,528 RMB/ton at the beginning of the month.

  On the one hand, the refrigerant inventory was low, and the market supply was tight; on the other hand, the high temperature power curtailment is gradually ending. In two respects, the start-up of refrigerants has rebounded slightly, which has certain support for chloroform.

  Market outlook

  The methane chloride data analyst of SunSirs believes that the domestic methane chloride operating rate has dropped slightly, the raw material price has support at a high level, and the downstream refrigerant operating rate has rebounded slightly, forming a strong support for chloroform. It is expected that the chloroform stage will consolidate at a high level in the short term. In the follow-up, it is still needed to pay attention to whether the support on the cost and demand side will continue.

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