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SunSirs: China Rapeseed Price Adjusted slightly (September 12-16)

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  According to the monitoring of SunSirs, the average market price of domestic rapeseed was 6,864 yuan/ton on September 16 and 6,860 RMB/ ton on September 12, up 0.06%%.

  The price of domestic net rapeseed in Hubei is about 3.5-3.55 RMB/ half kilo; The quotation in Anhui is about 3.45 RMB/ half kilo; About 3.51 RMB/ half kilo in Jiangsu; The quotation in Sichuan is about 3.65 RMB/ half kilo. The price of rapeseed seeds was adjusted slightly last week and was basically stable. The domestic winter rapeseed seed market has a small supply of goods, which mainly supports the high price operation. Recently, the operating rate of small oil refineries has increased, supporting the rapeseed prices. The supply of rapeseed from farmers is tight, and the northern rapeseed is listed sporadically. It is expected that the price of rapeseed will be strong in China.

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