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SunSirs: Cost Pressure Continues, China PC Market Rises

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  According to the data of SunSirs, the PC market was rising last week, and the spot prices of various brands were adjusted. As of September 8, the reference offer of PC sample enterprises of business club was about 17,633.33 RMB/ ton, up or down by +2.22% compared with the average price at the beginning of the month.

  Industrial chain: in the upstream, the overall operating rate of domestic BPA remains stable, and the factory is the main supply contract user. Phenol/ acetone products continue to rise, which is a good support for the downstream BPA market. However, after a previous round of upward movement, the increase of BPA is limited, and the market maintains a strong operation. From the downstream, the overall demand enthusiasm is not high, the high-level negotiation is insufficient, and the short-term offer of BPA remains strong.Last week, the market of BPA remained strong, and the pressure on PC cost side continued. In terms of industry load, the operating rate of domestic PC enterprises increased narrowly last week and remained stable at less than 70%. At present, the on-site supply of goods remains abundant, and the pressure on the supply side continues. However, some enterprises have parking plans at the weekend, and supply is expected to be tightened. Downstream demand is still in a weak pattern. Terminal enterprises affected by previous power restrictions and high temperatures are gradually relieved, but the actual demand has not significantly improved. After the rise of PC, the acceptance has decreased, and the stock preparation operation is biased toward just maintaining production, so bargain hunting. PC enterprises are forced by cost pressure to operate with the factory price rising. Businesses follow the market, and the actual transactions are mostly scattered small orders.

  SunSirs analysts believe that the domestic PC market rose last week, the upstream BPA market was strong, and the cost side continued to put pressure on PC. On the supply side, there are abundant on-site goods, while the demand side is weak. Buyers generally accept the rising price and have a wait-and-see mentality. In the case of no obvious increase in consumption, it is expected that in the short term, the rise of PC spot price will be blocked and the operation will be frozen in China.

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