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SunSirs: The Trading was Weak, China PS Price Fell

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  According to the monitoring data of SunSirs, the average price of PS ordinary materials at the beginning of last week was 10,550 RMB/ ton, and the average price of PS ordinary materials at the weekend was 10,466 RMB/ ton, down 0.79% and 4.27% year-on-year.

  At present, the market trend of PS (polystyrene) is falling, styrene is rising, but the buying is weakening, and the merchants sell at a profit. Reference of mainstream brand excluding tax quotation: Zhenjiang Qimei PG33 quoted 10,150 RMB/ ton, Taiwan Taihua 5250 quoted 11,000 RMB/ ton, Ningbo Taihua 535N quoted 9,980 RMB/ ton, Shanghai Secco 123P quoted 9,900 RMB/ ton, Thailand Petrochemical 150 quoted 10,730 RMB/ ton, Guangzhou Petrochemical 525 quoted 9,430 RMB/ ton.

  Crude oil rose, the raw material side was strong, petrochemical manufacturers stabilized their prices, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday was approaching, merchants' enthusiasm for trading was weakened, and the on-site trading was weak. The mainstream price of GPPS (polyphenylene sulfide) in East China market is 9,800-10,900 RMB/ ton, and the mainstream price of hips (polystyrene) is 10,350-11,600 RMB/ ton.

  At present, the downstream trading atmosphere of PS is cold, and it is expected that China domestic PS (polystyrene) market will fluctuate in the short term.

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