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SunSirs: Views on the Trend of Acetic Anhydride on August 9

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  According to the data monitoring of SunSirs, the price of acetic anhydride fell weakly on August 9, and the market of acetic anhydride fell. On August 9, the price of acetic anhydride was 6,200 RMB/ton, down 0.40% from the previous trading day's price of 6,225 RMB/ton. The price of acetic anhydride in some acetic anhydride enterprises fell below 6,000 RMB/ton, and the overall acetic anhydride market was weakly adjusted.

  Analysis review

  The price of acetic acid fell weakly, and the price of methanol rose in shock. On August 9, the price of methanol increased by 2.97%. The raw material cost of acetic anhydride was adjusted weakly, the acetic acid enterprises started stably, and the supply of acetic acid was stable. The cost of acetic anhydride dropped, the sales of acetic anhydride were poor, and the downstream just needed to purchase, and the customer's purchase willingness was general, mainly wait-and-see. The downward pressure on acetic anhydride still existed, and the upward momentum was weak.

  Market outlook

  The cost is weakly adjusted, the demand is poor, the downward pressure on acetic anhydride still exists, and the upward momentum is weak. It is expected that the price of acetic anhydride will be weak and stable in the future.

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