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SunSirs: Domestic market dynamics of toluene on June 7

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  1、Price summary on June 6:

  Shijiazhuang Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. offered 8100 RMB/ton, and Qilu Petrochemical Co., Ltd. offered 8150 RMB/ton,Yangba offers 8700 RMB/ton,

  Guangzhou Petrochemical offers 8100 RMB/ton, Maoming Petrochemical offers 8050 RMB/ton,

  Changling Refining & Chemical Co., Ltd. offers 8750 RMB/ton,

  2、Fluctuation trend:

  3、Analysis and comments:

  In terms of crude oil, the United States gave Venezuela a "green light" for oil transportation to Europe in order to fill the gap of Russia's oil embargo, and the international oil price fell slightly.

  Today, Sinopec East China toluene increased by 400 RMB/ton, and South China toluene increased by 500 RMB/ton.

  Toluene prices in the US gold market rose continuously, driving the continuous opening of the Asian US arbitrage window and strong support from external news; Sinopec's Toluene price has been raised continuously, the market speculation atmosphere is positive, and the operators' psychology of rising is not reduced.

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