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SunSirs: Demand-side Mentality Was Vautious, PA66 Continued to decline

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  According to the monitoring data of SunSirs, the domestic PA66 market was down this week, and the spot price of various models was lowered. As of May 20, the average ex-factory price of PA66 medium-viscosity injection molding sample companies in SunSirs was around 26,000 yuan / ton. Compared with the average price at the beginning of the month, the change was -2.80%.

  Analysis review

  Industrial chain: On the upstream side, the domestic adipic acid price continued to decline in the previous period, and the current weakness continues. In terms of demand, the trading of adipic acid was not ideal, the domestic supply was abundant, and the level of port arrivals was average, and the overall support for the PA66 spot was limited.The upstream raw material adipic acid market continued to be weak, the adiponitrile market was abundant, and the cost-side support of PA66 was not good. This week, the change in the operating rate of the industry was limited, and the load level of domestic PA66 enterprises was still high in general. There was a lot of spot supply in the market, and the profits of PA66 enterprises were under pressure. The inventory position at the port was acceptable, and the arrival volume of overseas goods is average.In terms of demand, the current terminal enterprises are more inclined to follow up with the goods to maintain production, and the resistance to high-priced supply is relatively strong. At present, the impact of the domestic epidemic on East China has not yet ended, and logistics in many places have been affected to varying degrees. The demand of some downstream factories in China has shrunk, the contradiction between supply and demand is prominent, and merchants have great resistance to shipments. The turnover on the market declined, the seller's mentality was not good, and the operation continued to cut prices to sell.

  Market outlook

  The analyst of SunSirs believes that the spot price of PA66 fell weakly this week. The market of adiponitrile on the raw material side was weak, and the support form cost side of PA66 was not well. The load of PA66 enterprises was high, the supply of goods in the market was sufficient, and the pressure on enterprises and midstream inventories increased. The demand side was insufficient, buying up and not buying down, and market trading continued to be sluggish.

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