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SunSirs: Soybean Oil and Palm Oil Prices Soared on December 3

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  On December 3, the soybean oil palm oil market rose sharply and returned to the ten thousand yuan line. Soybean oil rose 1.89% in a single day, and palm oil rose 2.88% in a single day. The news was more supportive, and the soy oil palm oil market rose sharply and returned to a high of ten thousand yuan. Malay palm oil is in the midst of a cycle of production cuts, palm oil inventories are low, and rigid demand for fats and oils is supported. The bullishness is still there, and the soybean oil palm oil market continues to strengthen. Due to the high price of soybean oil palm oil, which restrained the transaction, the market outlook for soybean oil palm oil will still usher in a callback.

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