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SunSirs: Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, Domestic Soybeans in the Chinese Market Performed Smoothly

Increase font size  Decrease font size Date:2021-09-22   Views:49

  The domestic soybean market continued to run smoothly this week, and the State Reserve soybean auction continued. Before the holiday, domestic soybeans were relatively stable, and the average domestic soybean market price at the beginning of the week.

  The new season soybeans will be on the market soon

  Beginning in September, the supply of aging soybeans was weak, the domestic soybean market was desolate in purchases and sales, and the State Reserve soybeans entered the market, and the transaction was average. In addition, starting in the middle of the month, the new season soybeans have entered the harvesting season and will be listed one after another. The market is mainly waiting and watching. The mainstream price of domestic soybeans in Heilongjiang's main producing areas is still at 2.8-2.9 yuan/kg. Traders are mainly priced, terminal purchases are average, and the market is stable. On September 23, the auction of temporary storage soybeans continued. Before the launch of the new soybeans, the domestic soybean market will remain stable.

  After the holiday, domestic soybeans remain stable in the short term.

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