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Lonza Launches TheraPEAK SfAAV Medium

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Lonza has launched its TheraPEAK SfAAV Medium designed specifically for the production of Adeno Associated Virus (AAV) in Spodoptera Fuigiperda (Sf9) insect cells for gene therapy applications.

According to the company, the new chemically defined, non-animal origin medium accelerates cell growth, increases productivity, and reduces process variability and costs, for safe, scalable, gene therapies.

In gene therapy, viral vectors are commonly used to facilitate the delivery of the gene of interest into patient cells. AAV has been established as a viral vector of choice, due to not replicating in patients, lowering health risk. Their ability to be grown at high densities, the Sf9 insect cells are ideal for use as hosts for the production of large AAV quantities. To date, however, translational scientists and researchers have been challenged with the lack of a medium dedicated to AAV production in Sf9 insect cells.

Allowing for rapid cell growth, the TheraPEAK SfAAV Medium reduces processing time, enabling cell infection one day earlier than similar media available, and boosting lab performance, according to the company. Due to its chemically defined nature, the new hydrolysate free medium produces AAV that requires less purification, further decreasing the overall processing time and minimizing labor requirements. 

The medium is supplied with a U.S. FDA drug master file for relevant preparation and submission.


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