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Antares Vision Introduces Data Monitoring System

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Antares Vision has launched AVionics, a software tool designed to monitor equipment performance and efficiency throughout the production process and designed to satisfy pharmaceutical companies’ increasing desire to leverage data initially generated to comply with serialization mandates in the U.S. and abroad.
By tracking various key performance indicators (KPIs), AVionics streamlines data into a dashboard for intuitive operator decision-making. Information collected from production and packaging lines can then be used to improve business processes at all levels—from line-level manufacturing through overarching, enterprise-level metrics development.
Among other mission-critical metrics, AVionics monitors production status, instant and accumulated speed, overall equipment efficiency and camera performances. Its ergonomic dashboard reports, in real-time, the performances of all OEE production parameters. Aggregation of this performance data then provides a comprehensive picture of production processes, yielding more data-driven decisions toward improved efficiencies.
The AVionics OEE Tracker offers a facilitated, cost-effective method of measuring and improving line efficiency. The solution also provides crucial data analysis while adhering to modern-day regulations, especially those regarding serialization and aggregation mandates.
“AVionics represents a digital evolution from manual data collection techniques that draws upon critical data to enhance production line efficiency,” said Andrew Pietrangelo, president, North America, Antares Vision. “By improving communication and providing comprehensive data analysis, more informed decisions can be made to optimize productivity and facilitate overall workflow.”

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