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New Yorkers must be vaccinated or face a fine

Increase font size  Decrease font size Date:2019-04-12   Views:121

There have been 285 cases of measles in the particular Brooklyn postcodes since the 30 September, 246 of which were in children, according to New York health commissioner Oxiris Barbot.

Of the 285 people who were infected with measles 21 were hospitalised while five were admitted into intensive care. However no-one has, as of yet, died.

The recent outbreak is the largest outbreak in the city since 1991. Under the order, anyone who has not been vaccinated must do so within 48 hours or face a fine.

Mayor Bill de Blasio commented: “I want everyone to understand how serious this is and how quickly it spreads. The bottom line is to recognise that this is something that has now become even more urgent.”


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