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Zhejiang Deyer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., founded in 1962 on the basis of The Jinhua Second Pharmaceutical Factory, located in Jinhua, is a comprehensive pharmaceutical enterprise producing chemical materials of drug, drug preparations and traditional Chinese medicines, chemical reagents, food additives, etc. In 1994, it was reformed to be a joint stock company limited. Since then, the enterprise has developed rapidly. In 1997, the turnover is increased by 260%, profit increased by 300% and investor's equity increased by 590%, comparing with 1993. And in the same year, it turned over eighteen millions yuan of profit tax, which made it be the leading company in Jinhua.

The company has five branch companies and three research institutes. The perfect quality control & analysis department and the advanced test instruments make sure the solid guarantee to improve the quality of the products as well as to develop new ones. The main products of the enterprises are as follows: amantadine hydrochloride, sulbactam/ampicillin, sucrose octaacetate, sucrose benzoate, AR grade trichloromethane, naproxen sodium capsules, compound dextromethorphan syrup, luofenweimapian, green ointment, etc.

Deyer will, as always, cooperate sincerely with friends of all circles, and devote itself to the medicinal industry development for the best improvement of the people's health level.

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  • Zhejiang Deyer Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
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  • LocationZhejiang
  • Adressinternation
  • Zip code321016
  • Industry No.128 Jinchu Road, Jinhua, Zhejiang Jinhua Zhejiang China
  • Company typeBusiness units
  • Business modelManufacturers
  • Company size 500-999 people
  • Registered capital5000万Yuan
  • Year of Registration1962
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