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  • Simcere pharmaceutical
  • Main:Simcere has swiftly evolved from a pure pharmaceutical distributor into a leading pharmaceutical manufacturer and supplier in China's rapidly growing pharmaceutical market.
  • (Manufacturers )   [Verified]
  • Jinan Kehui Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd
  • Main:we are mainly engaged in the research and development of new drugs, research and development of chemical APIs, intermediates and fine chemicals, and the optimization of production methods.
  • (Manufacturers )   [Verified]
  • Jinan Lead Pharma&Chemicals Co., Ltd.
  • Main:main business covering R&D, production, and sales of active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) and intermediates
  • (Manufacturers )   [Verified]
  • BOC Sciences
  • Main:Chemcials, APIs, Natural Compounds, Chiral Compounds, GMP Products, Inhibitor
  • (Manufacturers , Service providers )   [Not verified]
[United States of America]
  • Elemental, Inc.
  • Main:APIs, Intermediates, Research
  • ( Trading , Service providers )   [Not verified]
[United States of America]
[China (People's Rep)]
  • Zhejiang Tianyu Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
  • Main:The company produces pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs including Cardiovascular drugs, Antidiabetic drugs, Antiatheroscloresis drugs, Anticoagulantdrugs and Anti-asthmatic drugs.The products are mainly
  • (Manufacturers )   [Verified]
  • Zhuhai Rundu Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd.
  • Main:of APIs ( related intermediates ), tablet, granule, capsule, injection and pellet intermediates, but also a total of 52 varieties (specifications) of registration drugs which covers cardiovascular, digestive, anesthesia, respiratory tract and anti-in
  • [Verified]
  • Eastsky Pharm (Anhui) Technology Co., Ltd.
  • Main:a professional company engaging in the research, production of pharmaceutical APIs, intermediates and fine chemicals which has the self-management import and export rights
  • [Verified]
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