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Qingdao Xuejie Agent Co.,Ltd. was founded in August 2001 and located in Dazhuge Industrial park, Zhangying Town, Jiaozhou, Qingdao. It is a sets for  industrial production, sales, research into the chemical intermediate company.It has the right to own business. The enterprise has been awarded as "Private-owned S&T Enterprise in Qingdao"
The company and research unit gets in with the university secondary colleges, with advanced antisepsis equipment and workmanship. Mainly engaged in the series of medical intermediate production and sales, particularly in resistance to aids treatment, and the blood vessel,antiphlogistic, intermediate production and research and development in technology strength.
We inherits "quality and integrity come first" concept and  toger with customers observing our planet for a better future.

Company Profile
  • Qingdao Xuejie Agent Co.,Ltd.
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  • Contactxiao yun(Ms.) salesman     
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  • LocationShandong
  • AdressTaoyuan Road, Zhuge Industrial Park, Zhangying Town, Jiaozhou
  • Zip code266300
  • IndustryPharmaceutical intermediates
  • Company typeBusiness units
  • Business modelManufacturers
  • Company size 50-99 people
  • Registered capital500万Yuan
  • Year of Registration2001
  • ProductsSodium azide,Styrenated Dipheuyla Mcice(DFC-34), Hot melt adhesive powder, Triphenylchloromethane
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