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XinChang Wei Kang Da Biological Product Co., Ltd is a new and high-tech enterprise that specialized in microencapsulation,. The major series of products of the company are vitamin A free flowing powder with food grade, vitamin D3 free flowing particles, vitamin E free flowing powder, and DHA particles, etc..
  With the unique production technology and prescriptions, our products can reach the level of foreign similar products, For instance, the stability, free-flowing, cold-water dispersible, etc.. They are all reach the level of foreign similar products.
  The company situates in the riverside of XinChang River, takes up an area of about 3,000 square meters. The company owns a high-quality staff team, advanced production equipments, and the production process of which adopts the system of sealing. Our product quality is steady and safety.
  Accept the business of different kinds of microencapsulation's products.

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