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Shandong Zhongke Taidou Chemical Co., Ltd focuses on reseach, development and production of raw material medicine, intermediate medicine and fine chemical products. It is a combination of research, industrial operation and trading businesses. We have a team with high technology research caliber, cooperating with Shandong University, Lanzhou University and Tianjin Univisity. We also employ several famous professors to instruct the research and production for our company. In 2002, we established large scale production workshop, and owned several multi-functional production lines with large capacity. 70% of the products are used for export markets. 
We hereby deliver our thanks to the friends from various industries, and to our customers at home and abroad who supported our development. We will use our quality products with reasonable price and good service to…

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  • Shandong Zhongke Taidou Chemical Co., Ltd
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  • ContactWanglizhi(Ms.)      
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  • LocationShandong
  • Adressinternation
  • Zip code250100
  • IndustryHongyuan Development Park,Jinan,Shandong,China
  • Company typeBusiness units
  • Business modelManufacturers , Trading
  • Company size 1000-3000 people
  • Year of Registration1999
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