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Weifang Weitai Chemical Co.,Ltd.( Weifanghanting Medicine Chemical Industry Factory) is one of the biggest bases of producing medicines medical industry raw materials. It was set in 1989. There are one hundred and sixty-eight workers in the factory. Sixteen of them are high grade technicians. Its area is sixty thousand square metres and the construction area is ten thousand square metres. It has more than fifty-four million yuan as its general assets.

The main products are Methyl propionyl chloride,Thio Acetic Acid,Propiophenone,α-Bromophenylethylketone,3-Amino-1. It can produce tewnty-five ton thousand every year. The quality of the products is reliable and the technical strength is tremendous. The technology eqipment is outstanding and the measure of inspect is perfect.

In 2003 the Office of Science and Technology in Shandong Province was identified as "high-tech enterprises."etc. The drector, Wang Junguo welcomes the medicine customers home and abroad to exchange technique or cooperate together to make a beautiful future.

Our purpose is high quality first and hearty trustworthy to every customer.

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  • Weifang Weitai Chemical Co.,Ltd.
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  • LocationShandong
  • AdressNorth of the fifth division,farm Weibei,Weifang City,Shandong Province, China
  • IndustryThe main products are Methyl propionyl chloride,Thio Acetic Acid,Propiophenone,α-Bromophenylethylketone,3-Amino-1
  • Company typeBusiness units
  • Year of Registration2003
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