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Zibo State New & High-tech Industrial Development Zone is one of the 53 State High-tech Industrial Development Zones. Located in the middle of Shandong Province, Zibo State New & High-tech Industrial Development Zone becomes a provincial level of transportation , communication and distribution center with a total area of 75.92 square kilometers. It won “ Torch Plan Pharmaceutical Industry Research and Production Base” and “ Chinese Medicine Products Export Base” in 2005.

Zibo Wanchang Tongtai pharmaceutical co.,ltd ,with a total area of 92 acres, is located No. 9 lanyan Road in Xinhua International Pharmaceutical Industrial Area. It is a new pharmaceutical manufacture, and mainly engaged in research and production of sterile raw material and pharmaceutical intermediates. This project includes three stages. The first stage has achieved over 4,000 million, and specializing in production of semi-synthetic β-lactam antibiotics sterile raw material. Now we have built the second floor of β - lactam antibiotics workshop, a four-floor administrative and quality and kinds of supporting equipments. After the first stage goes into production, output reached 100 tons, and the annual sales income is expected to more than one hundred million yuan and profits of 20 million. The second stage of the project are planned to commence in January 2006,and major products are the substitutes of import pharmaceutical intermediates.

Now the first stage has been completed .We are commissioning of equipment and applying for "pharmaceutical production license", and "GMP certificate" . We are planning to product and pass the GMP in December 2005.

We are designated as well-known brand to take a lead to research and develop sterile raw materials in China, meanwhile, we promote the medicine intermediate projects which have high-tech content and value based on the development of 'Science and Technology' to realize the enterprise economic efficiency and increase technology of chemical synthesis.

President Zhang Shouzeng and General Manager Guan Min with the staff welcome customers from all over the world to join hands with us, and to reach prosperity together in the future.


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